Benefits & Rewards

It's a privilege to be entrusted with a part of your wellness.  In gratitude, we extend rewards and privileges to honor your commitment !   Beyond the savings offered through MULTI PASSES, MEMBERSHIPS and SPECIALS, we have an enticing iHumancare REWARDS Program in place ... so your good intentions can build towards earning FREE Massage !  

To embrace wellness, first time visitors to Integrative Humancare always receive a NEW CLIENT WELCOME of $30 OFF their first session !

 Welcome to the Humancare family !

MultiSession Passes

5 and 10 Passes
DuoCare Passes
VersaCare Passes
TheraChair Passes

Extra Savings when you buy multiple sessions or blocks of minutes !

Flexible durations and Combinations of our RelaxCare and TheraCare services !


-- Individual services can be SHARED with authorized friends, family, colleagues !

-- No Expiration ! (Subject to modest price change if not used w/in 3 years)

* See "Terms & Conditions" below

Gift of Wellness

Offering GIFT CERTIFICATES / CARDS to Integrative Humancare is a unique way to express gratitude to your friends, family, colleagues or clients ....offering Wellness for ANY special occasion.   And we make it soooo easy .....

--- Buy through Facebook or Our Web portal .... and print out in the comfort of home just in time for last minute gifts!  Or if you like, we'll print and mail them to you .... or .... your recipient !


Available in flexible denominations ...or...for designated services.


Referral Rewards


Your commitment to succeed and provide for others can now be matched with the ability to reward yourself !  Your monthly membership includes these worry-free privileges:
--- One RelaxCare or TheraCare session per month (choice of duration based on Membership Level) This membership will SAVE you $10 OFF each month's session !
--- Too busy:  No worries. Unused services rollover.
--- Need more:  Any additional sessions are offered at 10% OFF.
--- Need gifts:  Your membership also allows 10% OFF all products in our boutique.

Available in 3 Levels (TheraCare or RelaxCare):  60min, 90min and 120min

​* See "Terms & Conditions" below

Family Memberships coming soon !​

Facebook Fan

Become a Fan

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You RAVE about us !   We're both humbled and grateful.   Becoming a Facebook Fan of Integrative Humancare helps us share and promote wellness.  For your efforts, you'll have access to special promotions and wellness tips !


Accumulate differently based on actions.  Redemption of points as follows:

--- Customer must accumulate at least 850 points to receive a  FREE 60min Integrative Massage (iMassage)

--- Customer must accumulate at least 1150 points to receive a  FREE 90min Integrative Massage (iMassage)

--- Customer must accumulate at least 1450 points to receive a  FREE 120min Integrative Massage (iMassage)

Points accumulated for free service will be redeemed at register upon completion of service

Refer a friend or family member NEW to Integrative Humancare and receive  200 REWARD POINTS  towards a FREE massage (only takes 4 friends and becoming our Facebook friend for Your FREE Massage!!)   
Additionally, your family or friend will receive $36. off THEIR first, inaugural service (Integrative 60min, 90min or 120min durations)!!


*** More Reward earning opportunities coming soon !  

*See "Terms & Conditions" below

Terms & Conditions



-- Client's MultiSession Pass' sessions may be shared or transferred  w/ Client's signed designated Authorization for recipient.

-- MultiSession Pass' unredeemed services may not be refunded.

-- No Cash Value (services can not be redeemed for cash).

--- Monthly price of membership includes one massage per month (massage duration based on Membership Level).
--- Unused services rollover. *Membership must remain currently active to redeem unused rollover services.
--- Any additional RelaxCare or TheraCare Massage category of sessions are offered at 10% OFF. 

--- Your membership also allows 10% OFF all items in our boutique.
--- Active Membership requires monthly authorized charge through our secure system.
--- Membership may be cancelled at any time.  

--- Membership may be frozen / on hold for extenuating circumstances. Freeze or Hold must be for a minimum of one month and maximum of 4 months (special considerations possible).  Two Freeze / Holds allowed during life of membership.
-- Can not be combined with any other discounts, promotions or specials.

-- Can not be transferred or shared with others.

-- Membership unredeemed services may not be refunded.
-- No Cash Value (services can not be redeemed for cash).

REFERRAL REWARDS   (200 Reward Points)

--- The Referred person's service must be completed before your points are awarded

--- The Referred person must be a first-time, brand new client of Integrative Humancare

--- Rewards points can only be applied towards the redemption of RelaxCare or TheraCare Massage category of service.  Not for products, Add-Ons, gratuities nor tax

--- Referral points are non-transferrable and only for use by the client who accrued them.

--- No Cash Value (points can not be redeemed for cash)


--- Must be a brand-new, first-time client of Integrative Humancare.

--- Only applies to 60min, 90min or 120min RelaxCare or TheraCare Massage category services.

--- Can not be combined with any other discounts, promotions or specials.

--- Can only be applied towards the redemption of RelaxCare or TheraCare Massage category of service.  Not for products, Add-Ons, gratuities nor tax.


--- Revert back to the original purchaser (with Authorization) if not yet redeemed by recipient within the two year expiration.  Original purchaser will then have one additional year beyond expiration. 

--- Gift Certificates maintain value at time of original purchase and may be applied to current day prices and services (any current day modest price increase in service may be due). 

--- Gift Certificates may not be refunded.

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