Guest Speaking  /  Lounge & Learn

Enrich your life and the lives of your closest friends, family, colleagues and guests ... in the comfort of your own home or office or venue, where you’re most at ease.
Beyond a mere speaking engagement, Lounge & Learn is a sharing event with wellness at it’s core .... and wellness for the guests to enjoy afterwards.
Mobile Classroom:  Demetri shares 30-60min of insightful knowledge about body awareness, posture and methods to reduce stress.   All made easy to understand via Hi-Def 3D graphics come to life via widescreen TV (yours or mine) and physical anatomy models to best illustrate this invaluable info.  Topics include:  Musculo-Skeletal balance, Posture, Ergonomics at home & work, Stress Reduction, Body Ecology and the Brain/Body Nervous System.   Afterwards, there’s time for Q&A ... and then optional massage therapy via choice or table or chair massages for  attendees !

Demetri Kitsopoulos Lecturer at iHumancare
"Lounge & Learn"

(Lecture ONLY - No Massage): 
30 min Lecture-Only $ 80.

--- If 6 or more people:  FREE

"Lounge & Learn 15" 
Guests & Host enjoy a 15mins CHAIR massage after lecture.

30 min Lecture-Only:  $ 80.

--- If 6 or more people:  FREE


15 min Massage:  $ 20.  for each 15min chair massage session.
--- If 6 or more Guest Massage recipients:  $5. discount on each massage session, PLUS the Host receives their chair massage session FREE.


"Workplace Wellness"

We spend over 50% of our waking hours at work.  Find out how your work environment and ergonomics can be improved to balance posture, reduce strain, stress and maximize productivity.  Work smarter ... not harder !

Lecture and/or Assessment Consultations - Management and / or Staff

30 min Lecture-Only:   $ 80.
--- If 15 or more people:  FREE.

60 min Lecture-Only:   $ 120.
--- If 25 or more people:  FREE.

Assessment Consultations:  $80./hour

(Individualized or Group)
--- work environment, ergonomics

"Guest Speaking"

Topic:  Body, Mind, Soul & Life Balance !

Adaptable for any group; Work, Civic, Community, Specialty or Social !

60 min with Q&A afterwards...  

Demetri has enjoyed diverse invitations from large and small groups ranging from corporations such as General Electric, community venues such as Suntree Country Club and religious groups such as St. Katherine's