January 2021 SPECIALS



::::::::::::::  POSTURE Services    $ 10 OFF each   :::::::::::::::::

Posture Assessment service or Posture Balancing (Assessment w/ Massage). 


Discount Code:   " POSTURE2021​ " for $10 OFF Posture GC's

Posture Analysis                                 BUY GC

Posture Balancing 90min                    BUY GC

Posture Balancing 120min                   BUY GC

:::::::::::::::::::   N  E  W      S  E  R  V  I  C  E  S


TheraCHAIR PRO 4D Full Body Robotic Massage

TheraCHAIR PRO Massage           20min  $ 20

Available Soon ! Explore more HERE 

Schedule HERE


TheraCHAIR PRO Massage           40min  $ 40

Available Soon ! Explore more HERE 

Schedule HERE



TheraCHAIR     20min      5 Pass      $ 90  (SAVE $10)         Purchase HERE

TheraCHAIR     20min     10 Pass     $ 170  (SAVE $30)         Purchase HERE


TheraCHAIR      40min     Pass      $ 180  (SAVE $20)         Purchase HERE


TheraCHAIR      40min    10 Pass     $ 340  (SAVE $60)         Purchase HERE



:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  P  A  C  K  A  G  E  S  


UltraCare 360 Package



- VersaCare 360min DurationPass ($ 500 Retail) 

::::::::::::   Plus  ::::::::::::

- TheraCHAIR 20min Massage  5 Pass ($ 90 Retail)


Special Price:   $ 540   (SAVE $ 50 !)

       Purchase HERE




UltraCare 750 Package



- VersaCare 750min DurationPass ($ 1,000 Retail) 

::::::::::::   Plus  ::::::::::::

- TheraCHAIR 40min Massage  5 Pass ($ 180 Retail)


Special Price:   $ 1,110   (SAVE $ 70 !)

       Purchase HERE


:::::::: SERVICE-Based GC's ..for  *** NEW CLIENTS ***   :::::::::


THERAPEUTIC:  "TheraCare"    $ 30 OFF each

Strategic & Customized Therapeutic Massage to address pain & posture dysfunction. *** for NEW CLIENTS only ***

NEW CLIENT  TheraCare 60min Massage          BUY GC

NEW CLIENT  TheraCare 90min Massage          BUY GC

NEW CLIENT  TheraCare 120min Massage        BUY GC



RELAXATION:  "RelaxCare"    $ 30 OFF each

Soothing and relaxing massage to keep you zen and stress free.  *** for NEW CLIENTS only ***

NEW CLIENT   RelaxCare 60min Massage        BUY GC

NEW CLIENT   RelaxCare 90min Massage        BUY GC

NEW CLIENT   RelaxCare 120min Massage      BUY GC




Your Choice:  Buy GC (above) or Schedule ​



Terms and Conditions:

Feel free to call with any questions:   (321) 631-0811

- GC's are available for ALL iHumancare services and Packages (MultiPass series, etc).  Please CALL for details.

*** Ask about our PAYMENT PLANS for larger purchases (Multipass Series, etc)

Posture Promo:

- During January:  You have the option to simply schedule a posture service online.  Credit card will only be required to Hold the booking.  Discount will be taken at register upon checkout.

- Gift Certificate:  Can't get in during January?  You may purchase a Gift Certificate at January prices to be used anytime within 3 years.   Use the Discount Code:   " POSTURE2021​ " for $10 OFF Posture GC's


---- GCs for NEW CLIENTS:  

- Only 1 redeemable per each new, unique client.  

- Gift Certificates are Valid for 3 year / to be redeemed for service by December 31, 2024

- Non Transferable

- No Cash Value

- Can Not be combined with other offers



Navigate to STORE tab to view items for purchase (Multipasses, Packages & Individual Services).  


Select item(s) and add to cart.   If a Gift Certificate (for Print or Email) is desired, click "Quick Gift Card" at bottom left of checkout.  Use upper tabs to choose between a Print or Email based GC.

*iH can also Print a proper GC upon request for pickup at our office (choose Print option tab)

Please contact us if you've forgotten your Profile Login's PASSWORD.   (321) 631-0811




Unique rewards are ALWAYS available !


NEW CLIENTS:    $30 OFF our 60min, 90min or 120min RelaxCare or TheraCare services.

MEMBERSHIPS:   $10 OFF each month's session



- Save 10% when you pre-buy 5 TheraCare or RelaxCare Massage services !!

- Save 15% when you pre-buy 10 TheraCare or RelaxCare Massage services !!




**** See "Benefits & Rewards" section for details. 


Many of you already realize the benefits of consistent massage to revitalize, repair and rebalance the body.

To reward this investment in yourself, we offer a discounted rate on our key services to honor your commitment.


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other benefits too !!

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