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Legacy Testimonials for Demetri

"Went in to see Demetri for massage to address a nagging issue in my neck and shoulders. Chiropractic wasn't helping. This isn't a normal massage. It is far beyond that. It felt more like a combination of deep tissue massage and physical therapy. Demetri did a full assessment regarding my posture and identified and addressed several issues. It was absolutely the best massage I've ever had."

— Arty Pagan, Melbourne, FL 


"I just wanted you to know that I am humbled and excited by your grace, expertise, and spirit. For the first time in a long time, I know I will get better. I have been emotional all day, not because of your work, but because there is such a strong light at the end of this long bend in my journey. I am so happy! Thank you for all that you have already done!!! I already feel so much freer. My breath is deeper, my neck quite painful, but with more motion, and I feel like my body is much more erect. I am floating in my joy. It is such a welcome change. Thank you so much!!! I can't wait to see what happens under your guided hands and spirit. Have an amazing day!"   

--- Amy Spiess-Ki, Palm Bay, FL


"I have a couple of old injuries from decades ago that still bother me from time to time.  I also have had general soreness from recently going back to the gym.  I heard about Demetri from a family member and decided to give him a try.  I’ve had massages before but this was different.  He provided an assessment of my posture and my complaints/symptoms.  He then used a hybrid of therapies to address my various problem areas.  It was incredible how I felt afterwards.  All my pain was gone.  On top of his high level of obvious training, he is kind, respectful, honorable and genuine.  Additionally, I am a believer in taking a holistic approach to wellness.  I learned immediately he is an enlightened individual who knows a great deal about wellness.  He is far beyond your average every day massage therapist.    I highly recommend him to anyone who has on-going physical problems."

--- Richard Kamerer, Jr. Melbourne, FL  


"I am thrilled to be a client of yours.  Your intuitiveness, knowledge, skills, and expertise are beyond what I have experienced before in the massage therapy world.  Your work is much more.  Within three sessions some serious issues I've had for too long have completely turned around.  Healing is what it is supposed to be all about.  Your work has surpassed my expectations, which are always on the very high side.... I look forward to more sessions with you and to share with others what a gift your work is."

--- B. McLean, Melbourne Beach

"Demetri, I am holding my breath--my leg feels the best it has ever felt in the last 5 months. THANK YOU!!!! I will try to run tomorrow and see what it feels like. Thank you so much--I'm ready to get healthier!"  --- Nancy Wilson, Melbourne

“I feel extremely fortunate to have found Demetri!  Not only is he a superb massage therapist, but he is also a very caring and conscientious person.  He is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to therapeutic massage and relaxation.  His therapy is truly customized for the individual, taking notes each time and always following up on each session to see how I am doing afterwards.  As a very active person, Demetri's wellness practice is the perfect enhancement to my overall physical fitness and health.  I will be a long time customer, for sure!”
--- Julie VandenBosch, Cocoa Beach

"Thank you SO much for an amazing session! It wasn't just a massage, it was truly a therapeutic body make-over!"   

--- Nicole Kronoff Humphries, Merritt Island, FL

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Demetri for about 2 years.  He is a master at his profession.  His ethics are of the highest standard.  He takes the time to listen to what I need in a massage.  He has a variety of different treatment modalities that result in a fabulous massage experience.  I recommend him to anyone.”
--- Dr. E.M., Cocoa Beach

“The massage yesterday was really a unique therapeutic and healing
experience. I did the soak as suggested and that felt very good. Since last night my body feels freed, renewed and happy. The neck issue I had for the last few weeks (despite chiropractor visit) has gone away. I am thrilled!”
--- Dr. A Derouault, Merritt Island

"After having an old hip injury aggravated at the gym, I quickly started to experience pain in other areas. It wasn't long before my shoulder and neck were affected, leaving me in constant pain and discomfort. In my first appointment with Demetri at iHumancare, he took his time to figure out the root cause of my pain. He worked on me methodically, paying close attention to the severity of my issues and, after a week of limited neck mobility, I left with full range of motion, my migraines ceased and I slept through the night for the first time in years. After 3 sessions, I'm walking taller and living each day without chronic pain and anxiety. Demetri has a gift - not only of extensive knowledge and understanding in the human condition  - but also in how to treat people as individuals and respect their time, searching for the underlying cause of their discomfort and working with them to find peace and comfort when so many others are rushed to push you through a system.  I wish everyone this kind of relief, hope and happiness."

--- Elena Sinnemaki, Merritt Island, FL

"Thank you for a fantastic session today! I feel amazing!   Sore... but amazing!"
--- Joshua Adams, Rockledge

"Demetri truly is a man dedicated to his craft and clientele, while working magic on those struggling with persistent, daily pain. I had a traumatic lower back injury at a young age that flares up once in awhile. I sought many alternatives to relieve my lower back pain, but relief only lasted a day or two. After a session with Demetri, not only do I feel as if my injury never occurred, but the relief lasts for months. Demetri is truly a master of pain relief, and I would recommend his services to anyone struggling with day-to-day pain"

-Brian V, Boston, MA




Legacy Testimonials for Demetri

"Demetrius your treatment and massage were awesome ! Thank you for your skilled techniques, servant heart and intuitive healing energy."

— Joyce Ott Varga, Melbourne, FL   

"My 8 year old daughter injured her back and was suffering from a pelvic tilt. This has been causing inflammation and back spasms. Back pain is a horrible thing to endure so when my daughter would come to me crying in pain I didn't know what to do. My mother, two sisters and I have client history with him and I couldn't think of any one better to trust my daughter with. Demetri was very kid friendly and let her know that her pain and her healing were important to him. She feels very comfortable with him and can't wait for her next massage! We are very appreciative of Demetri's skills and wealth of knowledge! Thanks so much!"

— Lena C., Rochester, NY


"I was so happy to learn about Demetri's new wellness center and recently treated myself to a birthday massage.  I cannot describe the amazing transcending experience that I had during my session.  Demetri is completely  focused on your well being - guiding and coaching you through the many techniques and therapies he applies - so that you are truly a participant in your own wellness and healing.  Not only did I leave feeling relaxed and in the "zone", but I felt a new overall lightness and body awareness of being "whole".  My body was filled with energy and fluidity for days afterwards - and I was never sore even though some of my treatment was pretty intense.  This truly speaks to the level of expertise and caring that Demetri provides to his patients.  I have just treated my step mom ...and myself (!) to another session as a holiday gift!  Thank you"

--- L. Olsen, Melbourne

“As usual, Demetri is awesome. It's nice to have a place you can tell he created. Quiet, clean, very nice. Beats the spa any day!! Back ASAP!.”

--- Nicole, Patrick A.F.B.

"Having never had a massage, I didn't know what to expect as I've always had my reservations about allowing a stranger in my personal space. During a demanding day at work I found my lower back pain had elevated to a point I could no longer tolerate. I was delighted to hear that a beloved customer and regular at my workplace was willing to pencil me in to lull my excruciating pain. I was able to return to work in far better shape after the massage to everyone's surprise. The info and feedback I received definitely contributed to my gradual recovery when I applied them to the days following my visit. I learned my posture compensation due to stress is essentially the root of my back issues.  Demetri not only offered a wealth of knowledge, but also a spiritual outlet. I was ecstatic to see the zen themed massage room; the relaxing music and comfy atmosphere helped me settle in nicely. I've gone to see Demetri a couple times now and certainly plan on being a regular in his workplace too. I owe my improving state to him."

--- Audrey Wargo, Melbourne, FL

“I am a little sore, but really like the lack of pain and binding of movement!   Thank you so much and I will be calling for a follow up!”
--- S.C., Indialantic, FL

“I endured a serious neck injury years back and have been to many doctors who confirm that I have vertigo as a result.  Massage Therapy is the only thing prescribed for me to minimize this ailment.  I finally found Demetri who has the proper credentials and does an excellent job !   I have used him each week over the last year and a half and have not had vertigo since !     My daughter Becky, who is a Hollywood screenwriter had a session with Demetri during her last visit here and said “I’ve had a lot of massage treatments and Demetri is the best !””
--- S.J. Johnston, U.S. Marine WWII Pacific Theater - Suntree

"Demitri provides the most amazing being at the doctor, but with pleasure. Awesome." 

— Ann Doyle, Dublin, Ireland


"Demetri's professionalism and friendly demeanor allowed me to not only feel comfortable throughout the session, but helped me to build trust. I appreciated his attentiveness before the massage, which allowed him to offer individualized care. He combines his extensive knowledge of the human body with a Zen mood to provide a balanced and therapeutic session. I was able to notice immediate differences in my posture, reduced stiffness, and even reduced stress levels. I look forward to future treatments !"
--- Amber M., Patrick A.F.B.

"D,  I have had the best day and have touted your services and the experience I had.  My husband wishes he came to you today too!  It truly was special, and I feel so happy!   Hope to see you soon!!"   

--- K Welsh, Melbourne, FL


"We are a married couple, have been blessed with Demetri's services for several years, and have no need to look anywhere else, because his services are truly in a class by themselves.  Demetri provides so much more than massage therapy; he offers whole body treatment--mind, body, and spirit. He is happy to share his expertise and work together to reach his clients' immediate, as well as long-term, goals.  It is truly, "total wellness," and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Demetri for many years to come.”
--- C&D, Melbourne

"Thank you for the best massage I've ever had ! It was not only very therapeutic but also wonderfully relaxing.  I loved the aromatherapy and soothing music.  I was raving about the experience the next day at work, and one of your other clients said she had never found anyone else as good and that she would follow you anywhere.  We both commented how much we appreciated your holistic approach.  Thank you so much for a lovely healing experience."

--- Andrea H., Rockledge


"Want to thank you again for the wonderful massage and the professional attention given to muscles that have given me problems with the every day activities and sports I am involved in...what difference an hour can make in the realignment and relaxation of the body....I do so look forward to my next session."

--- Jane Senger, Melbourne, FL


"Demetri is highly skilled, very professional and knowledgeable. Each massage session is designed specifically for the needs of the client, with outstanding results. In addition, the serene environment promotes healing for both body and mind. Thank you, Demetri!"

— C Woods, Rockledge, FL 


"Got an amazing massage today from Demetri! Thank you so much. I can feel my body healing every time we have a session! Can't wait until the next one on Thursday!"

— JR Fuller, Dallas, TX


"It was an honor and inspiration to meet someone following a passion and embracing life. 

Thank you for the follow up and I will let you know what discomfort the next two days brings. 

I am so grateful for the work you did on my neck and shoulder area. What a relief.  You are appreciated. Thank you."

— Kaitlin N, Malabar, FL




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